About Me:

I used to weigh 375 lb. Mid July 2010 my grandfather passed away from complications with diabetes. I saw first hand what I was going towards. It was not pretty. In August of the same year I began this journey to lose weight and become more fit. Many don't know this but at first it was a journey to try and play College Football. (I know a long shot) Over the months of running and gym workouts I found a love for running and cycling. I combined that love and did my first Triathlon in June 2011. With that I pushed to see what the limit was. I have run more races than I can count, 5k's, half marathons, marathons, and Ironman Arizona. Doors have opened in my life that I never thought possible. Moving back to Maryland I trained as an EMT/Firefighter along with becoming a terp at UMD. There I joined the Maryland Triathlon team GO TERPS!! In the Summer of 2014 I will be joining others on a bike ride called the 4K for Cancer from Baltimore to San Francisco to help raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults. Today I weigh 245 lb and life is good. This is my journey:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back to Old Habits

So my new habits weren't working.... too many late caffeine filled nights throwing drunks out of bars and heading straight for bed. Somewhere along the way after completing my Ironman I got lazy and felt on top of the world. With a vow to myself to never go above 300lb again I hopped back on it tonight for a late night workout. 3am gym time is the best time.

Everyone makes a compromise and another compromise and sooner or later you wonder where 10lb went. Less than 6 months to go before the 4K and it's time to revamp to 2 a days once again. Nationals in 3 months and Chesapeake Man in 10 months. Back to this blog, back to the salads, back to the gym rat life, and back to the good decisions.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

9 mile run

Did 2 loops of lake artemisia near campus and then down route 1 through the woods around campus to cole and down towards frat row. All in all a 9:30 pace. Beautiful day for a run and just what I needed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 Mile ride tonight.

Tough Mudder on Sunday with my friend Ryan. HOORAH!!. One of the most fun events of my life so far. Although it was freezing the obstacles were fun and entertaining and never a dull moment. Some were quite difficult. The camaraderie with other average day Americans made that event one to never forget and i'm already planning the next one.

In other news, my spandex tuxedo came today. I plan on running the Ottawa Marathon May 27th up in Canada with my friend Mike. He was a red one he is going to sport, hopefully we'll get tons of pics and put on a good show.

This Sunday I plan on burning up the triathlon course at the University of Maryland College Park. See if maybe I can squeeze in a top 3 finish at the Terp tri. 750m swim in the pool, 12 mile loop of campus (4 loops) and a 5k on the trails to cap it off. A sprint tri, i'll update after that. Followed by my birthday on Monday the 7th. It's going to be a busy weekend.

Thursday: Swim and Run
Friday: Swim and Bike
Saturday: Carb load
Sunday: Race
Monday: Birthday

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This Week in Recap

On Tuesday after weight training class I decided to see where my 1 mile run stood at. I started off great at the AACC track with the first 400m in a minute flat. The rest was downhill from there. 6:27 on the mile by the end and hopefully getting that down to below 6 by the end of the semester. If I didn't go out so fast I am confident I could accomplish it. However, it was the fastest mile I have ever done my fastest before being from middle school around 7:20.

Tonight was a night run. About 6 miles at a nice 8 minute pace. First night run of the Summer.

Tough Mudder in 9 days... HERE WE GO!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let the Training Begin!

6 mile run today and a 30 mile ride tonight with the tri club, buzz cut, it's officially training season!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Ride

35 Mile ride today in about 60 degrees around College Park area. I got lost in Bowie somewhere in Farmville who the hell knows. Found my way back to 193 and had the pleasure of passing cars on the way home on some of the longer stretches with the new aero setup. This was at Lake Artemesia right near campus as the sun was coming down. I stopped for a breath and just to sit for a sec and enjoy the scenery.

This weekend was great, hit up a triathlon social at Bike Doctor Arnold last night. Had a great time! Free Beer and food and door prizes with raffles as well. I ended up walking away with Sonic Wings for the back of the bike to hold extra hydration and other things for the longer rides. Something I really needed for Arizona and now can check that off the list :)

I'm in the back somewhere drinking it up.

And in other news... FINALLY my CLYDESDALE jersey fits properly. The guy selling it last year was telling me that I was crazy and to buy bigger but nooooo I went for the smaller one and now it fits race snug and feels great riding. Plus I mean who doesn't love a flashy jersey?
Bahhhh mirror picture :)

And now I EAT!!! CARBS CARBS CARBS.. and a lil protein

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thursday and Friday Fun

So yesterday I met up with fellow Annapolis Tri Club member Brian and we hit the country roads of Annapolis, Maryland. Did about 26 miles of hills and pain :) After which I felt so great with a beautiful 70 degrees out I decided to bike the 12 miles to weight training and then the 12 miles home as well. About 5 hours all together with cycling and weights. I would call it a successful Thursday. 

The top of a hill we should not have gone up! :)

Today after some well needed rest I hit up a 7 mile extremely tired run around campus. Just need to make sure i'm getting enough food at night and in the morning I guess. Oh well. Friday is date night and heading out for the night. YAY! Health Class tomorrow morning at the college followed by a bike fitting for the Aero bars and then the ATC social at Bike Doctor starting at 6pm.