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I used to weigh 375 lb. Mid July 2010 my grandfather passed away from complications with diabetes. I saw first hand what I was going towards. It was not pretty. In August of the same year I began this journey to lose weight and become more fit. Many don't know this but at first it was a journey to try and play College Football. (I know a long shot) Over the months of running and gym workouts I found a love for running and cycling. I combined that love and did my first Triathlon in June 2011. With that I pushed to see what the limit was. I have run more races than I can count, 5k's, half marathons, marathons, and Ironman Arizona. Doors have opened in my life that I never thought possible. Moving back to Maryland I trained as an EMT/Firefighter along with becoming a terp at UMD. There I joined the Maryland Triathlon team GO TERPS!! In the Summer of 2014 I will be joining others on a bike ride called the 4K for Cancer from Baltimore to San Francisco to help raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults. Today I weigh 245 lb and life is good. This is my journey:

Friday, January 27, 2012

Delicious lunch and swim tonight

The first is what Laura and I had for lunch today, yeah she went for the white bread because she's unhealthy lol jk. The 2nd is what I used to eat on a daily basis, yea back in the day those mcribs were delicious. This morning I called this my rest day because I was sore all over however, tonight is swim training at fairlands it should be epic. SWIM NIGHT

I look back on it now and I used to eat in one sitting the amount I now consume in an entire day. I'd hit the McRibs for Lunch, Pizza for Dinner and then for a midnight snack there would be a whole family size bag of chips with french onion dip while I lay down covering fire on mp_crash in call of duty all night. When I was that big I didn't think about what I was eating and how it affected my body.   To think that an entire tub of sour cream would be floating around my stomach to me now sickens me. In the end, I prefer carrots :). Life is all about the choices we make ^_^

ps: my late night snack tonight was green grapes.. yum I just couldn't resist.

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